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Baratheon's Bastards & Blades

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What We're About

House baratheon

Welcome to House of Baratheon!

HoB is a competitive AvA alliance that prides itself on it’s inviting and friendly atmosphere. We take the game and AvA seriously, but maintain our goal - to have fun - while doing so.

We have many knowledgable members that are willing and able teachers of the game. We offer a structured and stable environment, training guides and FAQs, friendly, approachable officers, Facebook page and chats for coordination and socialization, constant alliance challenges, contests and more!

We are currently accepting active AvA players, as well as those building their way up to being active AvA players. They may be pledged to any great house. We are currently leader invite only. You may apply to join the alliance by filling out our membership application form.

Apply to Join

What We Expect

  • Active AvA participation
  • Join our member only Facebook page
  • Act respectfully
  • Follow the Message of the Day

Our alliance rules are simple:

  • Respect your fellow players and officers.
  • Respond promptly if an officer contacts you.
  • Remain an active player in the game.
  • If you become an AvA war participant then actively participate.
  • Chalenges: Our challenges are opened by officers. Our only challenge with rules is FatA. A Quickened Egg or dragon owner may request a FatA once per day, and will be required to fill it after completion.
  • And most importantly, have fun!

New members are encouraged to participate in the alliance chat and share their friend link. We also have a members only FB page and maintain a members list that you can use to quickly and easily make many in-game friends. Our FB members page is a secret group. You will need to FB friend an officer to be added to the group.

We expect new members to be active AvA participants. People who send only a handful of attacks and/or donate only a few items risk removal from the alliance. 


Current Leader: Adonez Ivory

Current Officers: Ramsey Blackwater, Damon Votyris, Mors Jast, Annara Storm, Gysella Corbray, Valyrian Bastard, Straasha Velaryon, Hemi Lord of Ruin, Sinister Whitewolf

By the Numbers

Alliance stats as of June 15th, 2015

Created: February 21, 2013

Number of members: around 300

Alliance Rank: 3rd

Alliance Power: 7,134,240

Average number of Alliance Challenges Started: 5+ per day

Number of Baby Dragons: We lost count a ways back...

AvA Rewards Earned

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