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We do not care which Gods you accept but at the moment, most members represent the Old Gods


There once was a time where laughter truly was the best medicine and the world found humour in everything it did... that all changed when the fire nation attacked and left everyone completely srs and not even funny, they created a group called Tumblr and promised to make everything that was once even mildly okay to laugh at either banned or completely lame.

A band of misfits known as Balls Deep was created to restore the world to what it used to be.

But most importantly... They go hard.

The leadership has been fought over since it's inception and lead to a change of name under leader Mike Hunt. 'Balls Deep' became 'My Erection Hurts" with the slogan "Can someone take a look at it?"


All houses are accepted into our clan.


Balls Deep was created by Lord Torhen Zo Pahl as something not to be taken too seriously. Nobody joined the clan because they took GOT: Ascent too seriously.


Lord Pahl set off to find anyone who still had a sense of humour but wasn't seen from in over 167 days. In that time, Ser Mike Hunt had just disbanded his alliance "Best In the World" because it was gay and nobody joined. Ser Hunt joined Balls Deep and immediately took over the leadership role because apparently 167 days is too long to be away for so says the God/s (we don't discriminate religions). Ser Hunt has put Lord Pahl in Officer position for when he makes his return and continues the words of Balls Deep.

"We go hard"

Ser Hunt, with the help of new members, is building camps and wishes for help from only the funniest human beings on the planet... who also hate Tumblr. 

On Saturday the 15th of February, the name was changed to "My Erection Hurts" in order to gain more members. 


The alliance is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to join. You don't really have to be too funny at all. Just sick and awesome. We're always happy to help out newer players and we aren't weird or pedos or anything... sometimes.

How we roll... With the exception of the falling part.

Click on the link below and follow it to greatness.

Recent NewsEdit

Name has changed to "My Erection Hurts"

Ser Mike Hunt is the leader of Balls Deep and welcomes everyone to join.

New member Alex Hageman has been promoted to Officer after great contributions to the camp.

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