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Asshai is a port city,
Asshai - Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire-006:11

Asshai - Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire-0

located in the far south-east of the Essos continent on the Jade Sea at the entrance to its eastern exit, the Saffron Straits. Asshai is on the southernmost edge of a mountainous peninsula known as the Shadow Lands. Asshai is a popular trading destination for ships traders in the Jade Sea, and it exports such goods as amber and dragonglass. Asshai and its people have an ominous reputation in other lands. Asshai'i are described as having a dark and solemn appearance. The people of Asshai are well versed in witchcraft and wizardry and have a language of their own, used in their spells.


The Shadow Lands

a mysterious, mountainous area in far eastern Essos. The city of Asshai is located at the southwestern tip of the Shadow Lands. To the north and northeast the Shadow Lands meets the Mountains of the Morn.

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