An Honored Guest

"The young Lord Edmure, Lord Hoster's heir is visiting our holdings soon. He wants to meet all his bannermen before he becomes lord. Let us prepare."



Silver Icon +250

Reward Background
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem


Reward Card Sleeve


"What sort of preparations did you have in mind?"

"A feast in the young lord's honor, of course. And many improvements to your holdings. I have drawn up a list."

"Prepare as you would for any guest. Lord Edmure must not feel he is being courted."

"What do you know of Lord Edmure, maester?"

"He's the only son of Hoster Tully and heir to the Riverlands. He's a good man, but still half a boy. It will be hard on us when Lord Hoster dies."

"See if you can learn more of young Edmure. I want to be prepared when he arrives."


"What momentous news. I will make whatever arrangements you deem appropriate, maester."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Maester Lucas nods. "Our improvements will be tasteful, of course. In the mean time, I believe Ser Hugo has plans to spruce up your guard..."
Alignment Cunning Icon Maester Lucas nods. "I will ask around the taverns he frequents. In the meantime, I believe Ser Hugo has plans to spruce up your guard..."
Alignment None Icon Maester Lucas nods. "Your holdings will rival Riverrun before our work is done, my [lord/lady]."

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