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Garrisons are groups of Sworn Swords an Alliance have sent to participate in battle, assigned to Camps built by the Alliance. A player must garrison at least one Sworn Sword in order to perform Actions and generation individual Victory Points.

Sworn Swords that are idle in a Garrison will defend against incoming attacks until they are sent on Actions or removed. Idle Sword include those that have been assigned as a Camp defender, have completed the cooldown on their Actions, and those that have just been assigned to a Camp. When Garrisoning Sworn Swords, there is a 2 minute grace period in which those Swords cannot be selected as defenders. This allows players to assign Swords and send them on actions, even when under heavy fire.

Each Camp has a limit on the number of Swords that can be garrisoned in that location (see Camps for more information), while players are individually limited by their Garrison Points.

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