There are two types of Awards given as prizes each Phase: Regional Awards and Threshold Rewards. In addition to these Awards, there are Superlative Challenges, which do not give prizes, but track great feats during a Phase.

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Regional Awards

Prizes awarded for ranking highly in one or more Regions. Regional Awards include unique Titles; Tokens; and various Items, Seals, and Resources. Each Region has its own Reward Sets, themed around that Region's associated Fealty. Unlike "Old" AvA, Alliances can place in multiple Regions in the same Phase.

Regional Awards can be found on the relevant Phase page.

Threshold Rewards

Similar to Tales, individuals can claim Threshold Rewards based on their personal Victory Points. Unlike the Regional Awards, individual VP is the sum of all Regions the player is participating in, and there is only one set of Threshold Rewards per Phase.

Threshold Rewards can be found at Alliance Vs Alliance/Personal VP Rewards.

Superlative Challenges

Introduced ahead of the Blood Phase, Superlative Challenges do not give prizes or titles, but winning alliances are announced in the Disruptor Beam blog. Before the commencement of a phase, the applicable Challenges will be announced. Not all Challenges will be active every phase.

As with Regional Awards, Alliances can win multiple Superlatives, with the following exceptions: the winner of Domination cannot win any other Superlative, and the winner of a Region cannot also win the Superlative for that Region (though they are still eligible for the Superlatives in all other Regions).

Since July 2016 the Superlatives have changed format. The list below are no longer set as the only Superlatives as they are now set per phase. Individual Alliance Vs Alliance Superlatives change from phase to phase.

Domination: This Challenge replaces the original Overall Phase Winner. Domination is awarded to the Alliance with the greatest total of VP earned across all regions.

Defender of the North: Awarded to the Alliance which performs the greatest total of healing by Aid actions in the North.

Reaver: Awarded to the Alliance which performs the greatest total of successful Harass attacks in the Iron Islands.

Rich as a Lannister: Awarded to the Alliance which gains the greatest total of silver through Swindle or Steal actions in the Westerlands.

City Repairs: Awarded to the Alliance which spends the greatest total of silver repairing camp health and refilling silver pools in the Crownlands.

Storm Wall: Awarded to the Alliance which successfully defends the greatest total of actions in the Stormlands.

Destruction: Awarded to the Alliance which inflicts the greatest total wounds against enemy Sworn Swords in Dorne.

Economic Success: Awarded to the Alliance which performs the greatest total of Barters in The Reach.

Battle Worn: Awarded to the Alliance which inflicts the greatest total of camp damage in the Riverlands.

Awarded to the Alliance which earns the greatest total of in the Vale.

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