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Achievements are mini challenges found throughout the game. They are accomplished by completing tasks through building, fighting, purchasing, equipping and other aspects. Some must be accomplished within the same reincarnation, while others can be completed across several reincarnations.


 W = Working
? = Results Pending
Bug Icon = Bugged


Achievement Task
Power Silver Light
About a Boy About a Boy

Learn of Derryk, a bastard

Learn Derryk's hair color 10 w
Save Derryk from a standoff
Get to know Derryk
Identify Derryk's kidnapper
Observe Derryk's shocking return
Choose how to punish Derryk's kidnappers
Decide Derryk's ultimate fate
The Things I Do For Love

The Things I do for Love

Put your own house affairs in order

Help daughter Jayne through a crisis 10 w
Reconcile with your cousin Kirth
How Are You

Every Man's a Piece to Start with, and Every Maid as Well

Meet your advisors

Meet your Captain of the Guard 10 w
Meet your market overseer
Meet your septa
Meet your bailiff
Meet your Master of Whispers
Meet your greenseer
Opening Act Sweet Summer Child

Meet some inhabitants of your holdings

Meet your innkeeper 10 w
Meet your smith
Meet your brothel madam
Surveyor Different Roads Sometimes Lead to the Same Castle

Meet your noble neighbors

Meet Lord Jaehaerys Harrow 10 w
Meet Lady Elyana Buckwell
Meet Lord Regenard Turner
Meet Lord Monford Harlton
Meet Lord Brus Roxton
Meet Lady Victaria Wisent
Affairs of the State Where the King Goes, the Realm Follows

Meet the King and the Hand

Meet Jon Arryn, Hand of the King 10 w
Meet King Robert Baratheon
Find Your Place Find your Place

Explore and defend your holdings

Defend against Lord Roxton 10 w
Explore an ancient mystery w
See Jayne married and broker a deal w
Form a coalition to defeat your enemy w
Fight off a crusade of regional nobles w
Learn the truth about your past and Lord Roxton w
Affairs of the Crown Affairs of the Crown

Explore Westeros

Learn Lord Eddard Stark takes a new position 10 w
Learn of a disagreement between Lord Eddard Stark and Ser Jaime Lannister w
Learn of Lord Eddard Stark's new accomodations w
Learn of Lady Catelyn Stark's confrontation with Tyrion Lannister w
Learn the results of King Robert Baratheon's boar hunt w
Learn war has broken out in the Riverlands w
Drums of War Drums of War

Feel the consequences of the nobles' game of thrones

Become the most powerful noble in your area 10 w
Witness an interaction with Lord Eddard Stark and King Joffrey Baratheon w
Hear of strange tidings from across the Narrow Sea w
Visit Kirth in King's Landing w
Hear the drums of war beating from the North w
Hear of strange tidings from beyond the Wall w
Problem Solver Know What Someone Wants, Know Who They Are

Help out your advisors

Uncover a spy with Rona Grey 10 w
Sentence a corrupt merchant with Alvyn of Oldtown w
Protect a heart tree with Gammer Wilde w
Bring a traitor to justice with Ser Hugo Flint w
Secure a deal at all costs with Simon Groat w
Assist the Silent Sisters with Septa Eleanor w
Eye for Detail Eye for Detail

Solved problems can randomly arise in your holdings

Successfully handle bandits in your holdings 10 w
Succeed in a friendly competition w
Answer accusations against your council with success w
Successfully betray a friend w
Dangerous Game The Worst Ones Always Live

Slapped Joffrey 10 w

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