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About a Word is a City Quest that is part of the Rumor and Jest storyline.

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About a Word

"It's good that Stark's bastard is becoming a crow. His presence could have split the North when Stark's trueborn son stood to inherit Winterfell."



Silver Icon +100-250

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"Lord Stark acknowledged his bastard, yes? The boy was raised in his household?"

Rona nods. "Yes, my [lady/lord], alongside his trueborn siblings. The children may feel they are one family but this could not have put Lady Stark at ease."

"He will not take the black for the Seven Kingdoms, Ser Hugo. He'll do it for his father."

"So the boy steps from the shadow of the Stranger to take up the sword of the Warrior."

"Some say the Night's Watch stands its lonely vigil beneath the Strangers' wild eyes, my [lady/lord]. But yes, the Warrior too lends them his strength."

"Seven watch over the black brothers, and may they watch over us as well."

"Ser Hugo, we do not need to call them crows. Remember, they are warriors."

Ser Hugo straightens. "Sorry, my [lady/lord]. I only used the name that most use, most times. As I said, the boy leaving is best for the North."

"True, Ser Hugo. The North will profit by the loss of this bastard."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Family Icon Ser Hugo nods as he glances at Rona. "Aye, I suppose that's a way to see it, my [lord/lady]."
Alignment New Ways Icon Septa Eleanor offers you a small bow and clasps her hands. "As you say, my [lady/lord]. We all walk in the light of the Seven, even they who know it not."
Alignment Realm Icon Groat flashes a sly grin and murmurs something, but trails off as both Rona and Ser Hugo stare at him. He takes a bite of his peach and says no more.

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