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About a Bastard

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About a Bastard is a City Quest that is part of the Rumor and Jest storyline.

World Supplies to the Wall


About a Bastard

"They say Lord Stark's bastard has left Winterfell to join the Night's Watch, my [lady/lord]. I wonder what he's done to deserve a perch among the crows."



Silver Icon +100-250

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"Some respect for the Night's Watch, Groat! They are as honorable as they are ancient."

"Really. And have you something else to say, Groat?"

"What do you call three black feathers lying on a rock, waiting for the wind to blow them away? Half the Watch!"

"Your jest amuses me, Groat. I hold your humor in high regard."

"Rona, is this true about the boy?"

"The boy has left Winterfell, my [lady/lord]. He travels with his uncle Benjen Stark. He was not compelled to leave by any crime that I know of, only duty."

"So this bastard would serve the realm to honor his father. I approve."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Old Ways Icon "Please accept my apologies, my [lady/lord]." Groat wipes the juice of a peach from his pale chin. "I meant no irreverence. I know not every crow is a criminal."
Alignment None Icon Groat laughs, spraying bits of peach onto his shirt. "Thank you, my [lady/lord]. I have always possessed a certain gift for merriment." Rona rolls her eyes.
Alignment Family Icon "As do I, my [lord/lady]. The bastard's presence at Stark's court was said to be something of a strain. He removes the strain by adopting a new cloak."

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