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A Widower's Oath

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A Widower's Oath is a City Quest that is part of the Service to the Crown storyline.

World Court Intrigue


A Widower's Oath

"I am Ser Hugo Flint, my [lord/lady]. My wife died when those slaving bastards tried to snatch her. I will be your Sworn Sword for life if you'll give me a swing at them."



Silver Icon +200

Reward Background
Ser Hugo Flint
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Ser Hugo Flint

Reward Card Sleeve


"My Sworn Sword? What do you mean?"

"A Sworn Sword is a man or woman who has sworn their loyalty to you. We do not expect pay or other recompense. Just the chance to serve you."

"Your story has touched me, Ser Hugo. I will accept you into my service."


"Your reasons don't interest me. I'll take any man who can help me achieve victory."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment None Icon Ser Hugo nods. "We won't speak of it again. Now let's find where these bottom-feeders are hiding and end them, eh?"
Alignment None Icon Ser Hugo nods. "You shall have your victory—after I have my revenge."

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