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A Thousand Eyes and One

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"Revenants from forgotten wars, lost causes, failed rebellions, a brotherhood of the failed and the fallen, the disgraced and the disinherited. This is my army. This is our best hope."

Our Mission

A Thousand Eyes And One was founded at the end of the Ghost Phase by the members of The Outcasts, WE ARE NOT SERFS, and Those Who Follow the Stars to achieve bigger benefits and opportunities for all members.

It is our goal to create a helpful and welcoming atmosphere for all our members in a well structured Alliance, with few rules, and many advantages.

Alliance Features

  • Scheduled, continuous alliance challenges
  • FAQs and Guides for new players
  • Friendly, helpful officers
  • A Facebook group to coordinate and discuss
  • Ava Training with assistance of our Officers
  • Several Chats for the social aspect of the game
  • Donation Tracking for Challenges and Camps
  • Alliance Tournaments



Khaleesi : Rashasi Belfast, Founder of the the GoTA Research Lab

Bloodriders: Cahling Buhlsheet and Sarah McKnight

Apply to join here.

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