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A Taste of Interesting Wine

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A Taste of Interesting Wine is a City Quest that is part of the Strange Wine storyline.

World Court Intrigue Victory


A Taste of Interesting Wine

Weeks before the Silent Lady's poison, you and Maester Lucas taste a new brand of delicious wine. "Shall we place an order, my [lady/lord]?"



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"How much do you think we will require for our typical feasts, Maester Lucas?"

"It reminds me of pleasant afternoons, and it takes away my pains and cares. Serving this at our feasts will make us the talk of the region."

"We will have the merchants bring us in a half-dozen casks of the stuff, with all haste."

"What are your thoughts on this wine, Rona?"

"It is exquisite wine, and I believe it may be good enough to sell to our friends and bannermen, provided we can acquire all we need."

"We will have the merchants deliver us a steady supply of this wine."

"How do you think this wine might best serve our interests, Groat?"

"We should buy the wine, but it would be worth our while to pay the merchant to deliver it to us, and no one else. We'd do well to exploit this wine."

"We will arrange for the wine to be brought to us exclusively."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Realm Icon Rona and Groat seem a little concerned. "With winter coming, my [lady/lord], it may have been better to acquire more of this wonderful wine to suit our needs."
Alignment Family Icon Groat lingers after Rona leaves. "Buying this wonderful wine in quantity is good, but I think we could've done even better by having it all to ourselves."
Alignment Cunning Icon Rona stays to speak with you. "With exclusive rights to wines such as these, [Your Holdings] may become the social center of the region. Will we be ready for that?"

Volume You Icon Quest City Icon

Storyline Next Quest
Strange Wine - I - Unusual Results
Volume You

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