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A Son of His Father

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A Son of His Father is a City Quest that is part of the Your Brother's Blood storyline.

World Volantis


A Son of His Father

Myriah stares after Nyall, stricken. "I tried to raise him to be better than the Mad King, but the blood runs strong. He is a true son of his father."



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"You believe Nyall is showing the Targaryen madness?"

"He murdered his own brother! For disagreeing with him!" she says in anguish. "The only difference is the Mad King would have burned him alive."

"Killing Vesavan wasn't madness. It was self-defense."

"Were you and King Aerys lovers?"

Myriah's eyes are bleak. "Perhaps in his mind. I only stopped fighting him because he said he'd kill my family if I didn't submit."

"I am sorry for what you suffered at the Mad King's hands."

"Would Nyall be a good lord for the Crownlands?"

"I raised him to it. Nyall is strong, smart. He had the best tutors." His face clouds. "But they couldn't remove the stain from his blood."

"I would not want to see a madman rule the Crownlands."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Realm Icon Alignment Truthful Icon "When the Targaryens were overthrown, I told Nyall the Crownlands were his birthright," Myriah says. "But now he shall have nothing from me but my curse."
Alignment Family Icon Add final text for 3rd alignment

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