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A Royal Reward

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A Royal Reward is a City Quest that is part of the Service to the Crown storyline.

World Court Intrigue


A Royal Reward

"An impressive victory! As a reward, I mean to give you the slavers' keep, the holdings around it, and make you Lord/Lady [Your Name]. What say you?"



Silver Icon +200

Reward Background
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem


Reward Card Sleeve



"You will not regret this. I promise to serve the Iron Throne until I die."


"I am happy to become a [lord/lady], if it means a better life for my family."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Realm Icon King Robert looks impressed. He motions to Jon Arryn, who hands you a patent of nobility. You bow to both men and leave to make preparations.
Alignment Family Icon The King frowns. "Well and good, but do not forget your duty to the crown." Jon Arryn hands you a patent of nobility. You bow and leave to make preparations.

Quest Sworn Sword Icon Prologue Icon Quest City Icon

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Blood, At Last - Service to the Crown - IV - The Maester's Welcome

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