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A Pleasurable Task

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A Pleasurable Task is a Sworn Sword Quest that is part of the Hand That Points storyline.

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A Pleasurable Task

"A whore named Falyse has recently left King's Landing for your holdings, bringing her bastard Derryk with her. I must know the boy's hair color.--Jon Arryn"


"Maester Lucas, why should the hair color of a bastard matter to the Hand of the King?"

"I'm afraid the letter does not say, my [lord/lady]. But we are to keep the inquiry a secret--Lord Arryn was most clear about that."

"We cannot ignore an order from the Hand, however strange. Send a sword at once."

"I'm happy to visit the whores, especially for a good cause. Some coin, maester?"

The maester shakes his head. "Lord Arryn asks that you send a sword to accomplish the this task. He seems to think you would attract too much attention."

"I suppose such a visit would not reflect well on my family. A sword will go."


"I would never spend time in the company of whores. Send a sword instead.

All Alignment Quests

Whichever option you select, the following Sworn Sword Quest will activate:
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Trained well in the art of pleasure, these healthy lads and lasses know not to exchange anything without due compensation.



Fight The whore can't stop laughing. "Hold, enough. I'll tell you! False's son is dark-haired." After a night well spent, [Your Sworn Sword] returns home.
Aid A grateful rescuee is all too willing to share information. "Falyse? Her son is dark-haired." After a night well spent, [Your Sworn Sword] returns home.
Spy You overhear a whore with a patron. "Derryk's not in the trade. Shame isn't it? With that lovely dark hair..." After a night well spent, [Your Sworn Sword] returns home.
Steal While a friend of Falyse's sleeps sated, a drawer yields a letter from Falyse describing her handsome, dark-haired son. [Your Sworn Sword] returns home.
Bribe Your companion smiles at your generosity. "Falyse's son is dark-haired. Now...where were we?" After a night well spent, [Your Sworn Sword] returns home.
Barter Your companion slips the bracelet on a slender wrist. "Falyse's son is dark-haired." After a night well spent, [Your Sworn Sword] returns home.


Enter the text upon failure of the quest

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The Hand That Points - I - Swift But Sure

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