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A Noble of the Realm

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A Noble of the Realm

You served the Iron Throne well, but where do your true loyalties lie? Earn favor with your Great House and prepare to become a bannerman.

Note: The title for this part of the Prologue will display differently depending on your Fealty and Background selections.

Icon-quest-dark Goals

Quest City Icon
Complete An Honored Guest
Sworn Sword Icon
Train Sworn Sword
Construct the Smithy
Have the Smithy produce a Decorative Sword
Village Center
Construct the Village Center
Village Center
Have the Village Center produce Stone
Counting House
Upgrade the Counting House
Quest City Icon
Complete A Feast with a Honored Guest

Icon-crown-dark Bonus Goals

  • Produce two weapon, armor, or companion slot items

Icon-friendgift-dark Rewards

Quest Icon All Quests

Required Quests

These quests must be completed to progress to the next Chapter.

Quest Icon The Iron Throne will call on you again. Be sure your house is in order.

Quest Icon Prologue Icon Quest Icon

Strength of Steel - Prologue - Leadership Begins at Home