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A New Hand

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A New Hand is a City Quest that is part of the Long Live the Hand storyline.

World Winterfell


A New Hand

Kirth watches Ser Rodrik Cassel whip his guards into shape. "Lord Stark is now the king's Hand, but you lot aren't fit to wash his boots!"



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


Probe Ser Rodrik to learn his feelings about Lord Stark's appointment.

"Winter's coming," Ser Rodrik says. "I wish Lord Stark the best, but he's needed in Winterfell to help lead us against the storm."

Shun his superstitions and say that the Seven will watch of Lord Stark and Winterfell.

Learn if Ser Rodrik fears for Lord Stark's safety, considering Jon Arryn's recent death.

"The south is rife with dangers," Ser Rodrik says gruffly. "I can only hope Lord Stark learns to play their devious games and avoids Arryn's fate."

Tell him that Lord Stark will be vulnerable so far from the gaze of the old gods.


Commemorate this moment with well wishes for the king and his new Hand.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment New Ways Icon "Weather feels warm enough to me," Kirth says lightly. "Have faith, and you'll survive without your lord." Ser Rodrik grunts and keeps drilling his guards.
Alignment Old Ways Icon "Your lord draws strength from the northern wastes," Kirth says. "He'll melt in the king's land." Ser Rodrik grunts and keeps drilling his guards.
Alignment Realm Icon "Let us mark this hour with joy," Kirth says jovially. "Out of respect for King Robert and the Hand." Ser Rodrik grunts and keeps drilling his guards.

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Storyline Next Quest
Long Live the Hand - I - A Stark in Winterfell
Volume I

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