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A Man in King's Landing/Tully

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A Man in King's Landing is a City Quest that is part of the Battle of Oxcross storyline.

World War Camp


A Man in King's Landing

The Blackfish breaks away from King Robb with a smile. "That Lannister blood on your sword, Ser? My brother's lucky to have you in his service."



Silver Icon +100-250
Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


Ask what King Robb's plans are now.

"The king wants to stay in the Westerlands. Better to trample Lannister fields than ours." The Blackfish grins. "But we need eyes on the enemy."

Volunteer to spy on the Lannisters.

Inquire whether the Blackfish is serving Lord Hoster again.

The Blackfish snorts. "My brother doesn't want me. I'll serve the Riverlands by finding King Robb a man to be our eyes and ears in King's Landing."

Ask delicately if he's talking about you.

Ask if you can return to [Your Holding] yet.

The Blackfish shakes his head. "We've got another task for you. In King's Landing. We need a man to keep us informed about the bastard on the throne."

Tell Ser Brynden you can't go to King's Landing without your [lady/lord]'s permission.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Cunning Icon Add final text for 2nd alignment

Alignment Realm Icon Alignment Family Icon "Then it's off to King's Landing with you." The Blackfish smiles. "Your lord/lady's already given his/her blessing... as long as you share what you learn."

Quest Boss Icon Volume II Icon

Previous Quest Storyline
The Battle of Oxcross - The Battle of Oxcross - III
Volume II

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