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A Good Knight

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A Good Knight is a City Quest that is part of the Captain of the Guard storyline.

World Village Center


A Good Knight

Ser Hugo enter, accompanied by Ser Medwyn. "My [lady/lord], Ser Medwyn leaves us this day, and wanted to thank you for your hospitality."



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"Where do you go now, Ser Medwyn?"

"For now, where the road takes me. A hedge knight has few other options. I've heard of a tourney a few weeks hence that I may enter."

"I'm sure you'll do well. I hope you find a lord who recognises your worth."

"What are you looking for, good ser?"

"I'm but a hedge knight, my [lady/lord] - a knight with no lord. I'm lookoing for a liege to whom I can swear my sword and service, above all."

"Had I need of another knight, ser, I'd take you into my household. But alas."

"Go with the gods, Ser Medwyn."

"May the gods, Old and New, keep you and your House, my [lady/lord]. Thank you for your hospitality."

"A friend of Ser Hugo's is always welcome."

Sworn Sword Actions



The hedge knight bows, thanking you once more. He and Ser Hugo leave, discussing his plans.

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Previous Quest Storyline
A Bleak Business - The Captain of the Guard - V
Volume I

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